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Is your tween constantly dreaming up new worlds?

Could they benefit from a guided 90-minute writing experience?


Join the Story Spawner Sampler Masterclass for Young Writers!

So that your tween will be off in the corner with his notebook and pen, instead of zoning out in front of his gaming device.

It’s a 90-minute hands-on virtual Masterclass in Creating Fictional Story Settings


Want to know a secret about story settings? It’s not Just about location…

  • Story Settings Ground the reader in a place and time

  • Story Settings invoke Mood and emotions

  • Story Settings develop the story’s Conflict

  • Story Settings often become a Character of their own

Learn and apply the secrets Real Writers use when you join us in…

the Story Spawner sampler MasterClass

The Story Spawner Sampler Masterclass is a live interactive sample of my lesson

Jump-start a Story with a Setting for FREE!

(This lesson is taken directly from my upcoming e-course, The Story Spawner)


90 minutes dedicated to learning the tricks real writers use, experiencing hands-on activities and plenty of time To Write + Receive Instant feedback From a Professional Writer!


By the end of the story spawner sampler masterclass, your young writer will understand + have applied:

  • The 4 Purposes of a Story’s Setting

  • 3 Places to Capture Ideas for Story Settings

  • Observing (images) Like a Writer

  • Practicing the First, Best, Last, Worst Game to Test Ideas


    Registered students will receive:

  • BONUS #1 > > Setting Card Template (see details below!)

  • BONUS #2 > > The 5 Senses Worksheet (see details below!)


Live Virtual Masterclass will be recorded, but you must Register to receive a recording (and the Bonuses!)

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BONUS #1 > >

We’ll be using Setting Cards to brainstorm and select unique settings for our stories. Bonus #1 is a downloadable template for your tween to create their very own Setting Cards to use at home when our Masterclass is finished!


BONUS #2 > >

Writing from your 5 senses is key to drawing a reader in and creating a believable setting for your story. Bonus #2 is a downloadable Write From Your 5 Senses Worksheet. Your Tween can use this worksheet over and over again to create realistic story settings long after our Masterclass concludes!




Hi! I'm Mary Jo.

Writer, Teacher, Ambassador of Sass.

And an advocate for young writers everywhere.

As a writer first, teacher second, I’m flipping the script on how we approach creative writing to kids. Real writers write from their soul. From their emotions. We create art. Not epic tomes to be dissected in Language Arts classrooms. Let me help your child fall in love with the art of writing stories! For the last ten years, I've been teaching creative writing workshops for tweens in an effort to help the Reluctant writers find their love of words, the Rapid writers to find the magic in revision and the Reflective and Restless writers to find the power in writing and sharing their unique voice. Read my full story here. Read what delighted parents and students say about working with me here.

Melissa, Student, age 13

"I’m so excited! I sent in my first three chapters to Medallion Press two days ago and they want to see my whole manuscript already!!! Thank you for all of your help! I couldn’t have gotten this far without you!"

Julia, age 9

Nina, Julia’s mom, wrote: "Julia was in your summer studio last year and enjoyed it so much! Also, her experience with your teaching was so helpful during her school year!"