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WriteLikeCrazy is a system of actionable ideas and lessons, helping struggling young writers learn to love writing. WriteLikeCrazy incorporates easy to use methods and is perfect for parents and teachers.

Does your child fear writing? Do they tell you they hate it? Is homework time a chore? Are you pulling your hair out and heartbroken because they are defeated by writing?

I know how you feel because my child once hated writing, too.

But I changed the dynamic in a creative way, and my child discovered his joy of writing again.


Here is the secret:

every child can write and bloom with the right lessons. The first step is identifying what type of writer you have!


Which Writer are you raising?

Take this quiz!


What kind of writer is your child? (Answer according to the characteristics your child fits right now, today)

What does your child think about writing?

A.      Ugh, they hate it! They think it’s boring, hard and pointless

B.      Struggles to start, but once they get going they write quickly without much thought of structure

C.      Actually they love to write, but they hate to share their work, they doubt themselves

D.      My child is super creative and always reciting story ideas, but never writing them down

What is your child’s writing style?

A.      They have no ideas, no direction, get overwhelmed and end up angry or in tears

B.      They write swiftly, either messily by hand or poorly on a computer with no thought to grammar or organization

C.      They’ll rewrite the first line or first page countless times, never finishing and never sharing a word with anyone

D.      Um, they don’t write. They come up with story ideas with lots of “what if’s” but no resolution

What is your biggest fear when it comes to your child’s writing?

A.      That their self-worth is crushed because they believe they’re not smart enough to put their thoughts on paper

B.      That they’ll be called lazy because they go too fast and resist correcting their work

C.      That they’ll beat themselves up because they can’t produce the “perfect” story

D.      That they’ll remain a dreamer and never act on any of their amazing ideas

Determine your results:

If you chose mostly A's:

your child is

The Reluctant Writer: sees writing as a punishment: it is hard, boring and pointless; just thinking about it is a chore

If you chose mostly B's:

your child is

The Rapid Writer:  talented to the point where they don't feel they need to try and just rush through: one and done 

If you chose mostly D's:

your child is

The Reflective Writer:       is a deeply introspective and creative dreamer, who never writes a word

If you chose mostly C's:

your child is

The Restless Writer:  desires to write and is full of determination, yet they are plagued by doubt that sabotages their progress

Is there hope for YOUR young writer?

Since 2007, I've been teaching young writers through fun, supportive and unconventional writing workshops. These students had wonderful success.

•         Reluctant Writing students found a love for words and a pride in their new skills.

 •        Rapid Writing students learned the challenge and reward of revision. 

•         Restless Writers found their inner voice and the courage to share their work.

 •        Reflective Writing students found discipline and realized the benefits of putting their words to paper.

YOUR child can Learn to LOVE writing!

Sounds impossible?


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