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Four Simple Steps to Crafting a Short Story

Don't let the idea of writing a short story crush you! Today, please welcome our guest post author, Renee Anotnia, where she reveals four simple steps to crafting a short story. 

Restless Writer, part 5

Restless Writer Series, Part 5: Show your Restless Writer they have a talent to be proud of. What better way to show the world that they’re a writer than with some fun gifts?
As timid as we writers can be, we truly do like to be known for our talents. We like others to see us as writers.
Validate them as a Writer by helping them identify as a Writer

Restless Writer, part 4

Restless Writer, Part 4: Help them get over the fear: Our kids have all been terrified of doing something in their life, right? Taking the bus to school for the first time. Learning to ride their bike. Volunteering to run for Student Council.
Help your Restless Writer remember that they’ve shown bravery in other scary situations:

Restless Writer, part 2

Restless Writer, Part 2: Encourage their story ideas without censoring them: Listen, I’m a mom, I get that we have to protect our kids and be cautious about what they consume. However, I’ve seen so many young writers struggle to come up with ideas because they feel stifled by their teachers or parents who told them they can’t write about...