Restless Writer, part 5

In this series, I'm talking about the five ongoing practices you can apply to transform your struggling Restless Writer into a Confident, Fearless writer.

1.  Acknowledge their Fear (all creatives experience this!)
2.  Encourage and Support (their ideas and their reasons for writing)
3.  Listen and be Invested (how and when to offer feedback)
4.  Reality Check (list fears they’ve overcome in the past)
5.  Validate their Identity (gifts that help them own the title of “writer”)

Today, is Method 5

Support Your Restless Writer Part

5. Validate their Identity as a Writer:

Show your Restless Writer they have a talent to be proud of. What better way to show the world that they’re a writer than with some fun gifts?

As timid as we writers can be, we truly do like to be known for our talents. We like others to see us as writers.

Validate them as a Writer by helping them identify as a Writer.

Fun gifts ideas:

Cute T-shirts / Mugs / Jewelry / Keychains (Search Etsy or Pinterest! )

Useful Gifts:
Books / Online Resources / Writer Communities  / Courses

Here are some of my favorite writing books for kids that not only provide exercises and lessons on craft, but talk about what it’s like to be a writer:

A Writer’s Notebook:Unlocking the Writer Within You, Ralph Fletcher

How Writers Work: Finding a Process that Works for You, Ralph Fletcher

Live Writing: Breathing Life into Your Words, Ralph Fletcher

Useful Online Tools that will help your Restless Writer stay focused and organized:
Evernote -
a free organizational tool to keep story idea lists, character inspirations, new websites or markets to on writing to read/follow. All easy to fin with searchable tags.

Scrivener - (try it free for 30 days!) a popular way to draft and edit and organize big writing projects (novels!). Includes so many cool perks, including a digital cork board and note cards to sort out your cast of characters.


Communities & Forums to support your Restless Writer:

Try seeking out a writers’ group or writers’ circle through your local libraries and independent bookstores. Maybe suggest a group be formed through your child’s school. Or, start a young writers’ group yourself! I did!

Educational Courses & Workshops to help build the craft and confidence of your Restless Writer:

Again, seek help from your child’s school, the community enrichment programs and your local park district. For online courses and workshops, try Google. Or you can sign up for some of my own courses!

I hope the above ideas can help you communicate with and support your Restless Writer and with patience and time, will help your timid writer soar into the Remarkable, Resilient, Renegade Writer I know they can be.

As always, I’m here to help! Feel free to reach out should you have more questions on how to support your Restless Writer.

And let me know how these tips worked - I love to hear success stories!

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