Restless Writer, part 4

In this series, I'm talking about the five ongoing practices you can apply to transform your struggling Restless Writer into a Confident, Fearless writer.

1.  Acknowledge their Fear (all creatives experience this!)
2.  Encourage and Support (their ideas and their reasons for writing)
3.  Listen and be Invested (how and when to offer feedback)
4.  Reality Check (list fears they’ve overcome in the past)
5.  Validate their Identity (gifts that help them own the title of “writer”)

Today, is Method 4

Support Your Restless Writer Part

4.  Reality Check:

Our kids have all been terrified of doing something in their life, right? Taking the bus to school for the first time. Learning to ride their bike. Volunteering to run for Student Council.

Help your Restless Writer remember that they’ve shown bravery in other scary situations:

Pull out a notebook and ask them to think of the last time they had to do something that scared them to death.

Have them write down a list of these scary situations.

Did they die? Nope.

So, what's the worst that could happen if they shared their writing? List every crazy scenario. Carry the outcome to its absolute end.

“People will laugh at my story.”
“What if I faint?”
“What if I throw up?”
“People will think I’m stupid.”

I like to remind my students that writers are Brave.

We look at the world differently and we have the courage to share a new view.

We help readers think differently, see differently and hopefully, act differently.

We are vulnerable in our work, we are honest. That’s a big job.

But, we’re writers, we’re tough. It’s what we do.

And, the reality is - not everyone is going to like what we write. And that’s ok. We all have different tastes. And that’s a good thing. Think of how bland and obnoxious our world would be if we all loved the same song. (Remember from the Lego Movie - Everything is Awesome?) or the same book? Captain Underpants, anyone?

What would happen to all the fans of country music and historical literary books? Think of all the beautiful and diverse art that would go unseen, unheard, unread.

Dare to be different!

Help them think of something they’re great at now, but weren’t always.
How long did your child need to practice before it became natural?

Ask them to reflect…

Have I been here before?  Did I survive?
Do I remember the thrill of facing the fear and feeling the success of something I completed/conquered?

Not only finishing a piece of writing without giving up, but sharing that work with others and allowing these readers to have their own opinion of it.

That’s a huge accomplishment that should be rewarded!

Tomorrow, we'll go over method 5 of 5 in transforming your Restless Writer by Validating their Identity as a Writer

I'll talk about the best ways to support your Restless Writer's craft and offer a list a          ah-mazing gift ideas for young writers!

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