Reluctant Writer, part 2

Support Your Reluctant Writer Part

If you want to motivate your Reluctant Writer to write, you need to set the mood.

With the right tools and the right environment.

Writing can be done anywhere with virtually any writing instrument. But this isn't any writer. This your Reluctant Writer and we want them to get excited about coming to the page. We want them to get the feel for writing. 

We want this writing time to feel different than their schoolwork time. They should have special paper, pens and a place to create. Not the chewed up pencil and crumpled notebook from their back pack. Not at the kitchen table where they lament over math problems.

Motivating your Reluctant Writer is about setting their mindset, setting their enviroment up for creativity and comfort.

Here, I discuss the second of my five methods to motivating your Reluctant Writer.


2. Writing Tools + Writing Spaces

Writing Tools

Young writers work best when they have the right tools. Lucky for parents, writers don't need much to work!

Paper and pen. That’s it!

Of course, you can get fancy, and I encourage young writers to pick out a notebook that best represents them: patterned cover or bold color. Wire bound or glued binding (think the old-fashioned Composition books), hardcover or soft, lined pages or blank. These are important choices. They’ll be creating new ideas, characters, worlds, and confidence on these pages.

The pen, pencil, or marker is important, too. I truly am happy with the basic Bic Crystal pens in Blue ink. Cheap, smooth flow, no leaking. Anything that helps me stay focused on the writing.



Writing Spaces

Having their own designated space to write is so important to a young writer. Helping them set up a small area of their bedroom, a family room or area of the basement or loft will give them confidence that they are a real writer. It will also earn you major parent brownie points by showing them how much you believe in them and support their interest.


Let them pick a comfy chair, blanket or cushion. Set the right amount of lighting, the right sounds - white noise is great, but some writers prefer music through earbuds. A special snack or favorite beverage will add to their sensory memory and help them establish a writing routine and schedule. When they are in that chair, sipping that drink, snuggled under that blanket and listening to that Zelda soundtrack, their brain says “It’s time to write!” And soon it will become a natural habit.

Once your Reluctant writer is equipped with the best instruments and inspiring surroundings, you'll watch their excitement to write grow! And that is progress.


Tomorrow, we'll talk about the third method to motivate your Reluctant Writer with Word Love & Story Love