A Calling, by Faith Kincaid

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A Calling

by Faith Kincaid

word count: 1,108

‘You’ll be the villain. Unknown today, feared tomorrow, revered not, inducer of sorrow.’

I stalk through the dimly lit halls of the hospital, eyes watching everyone. I have to do this. I won’t let him die, I just won’t.  I peek into rooms, looking for people that are weak, but young. There’s an X on their door, if fate told them they would die for someone else, those people are possible donors. “Hey, Alex!” I hear my older brother call my name. I stop in my tracks and turn to face them. “What are you doing? You should be with Dad.” He said in his normal stoic tone. That’s the thing. The fate in the wind had declared my brother a hero, and me, his sister, a villain. I look up to him, my mind trying to conjure up believable lies.

“I… I... I was just going for a walk, it’s hard for a musician to sit still for so long.” I explained with a small, fake laugh, scratching the back of my head. He didn’t seem convinced, his brown eye squinting at my amber ones. “I’ll see dad in a minute. Just... let me get some coffee, yeah?” I added, trying to keep my heart and breathing regulated. I felt like I was trying to evade lies on a polygraph test. Thank God, I passed to him apparently. His eyes softened, and let out a sigh.  Jack put a hand on my shoulder.

“I know this is hard for you Alex.. but if a heart doesn’t become available soon… he’s not gonna make it much longer... So get your coffee fast, alright? I think he wants to say his last words to us soon. Maybe you getting coffee will give him more time to compose them.” He said, then walked away. His foot falls silent, that old, brown leather coat of his swaying back and forth as he walks, his boots making a small ‘clank’ with every small step he took. Well, that may have been my brother’s words of consolation, acceptance and heartbreak but I wasn’t done. I was not going to lose my father. Not now, not ever.

Why’d he have to go and be a hero? He didn’t have to step in front of that man and take the bullet. I remember, we’d gotten the call from the hospital no more than six hours ago. My dad lives for 39 years, and he’s gonna die now? No. No.Way. My pace quickened, as I continued looking for suitable people. It was weird, because I could ask about people, and the doctors would just tell me. They must’ve thought I was their kid or something, and that was why everyone was so easy to manipulate. The doctor’s words, my mother’s, my brother’s, the wind’s call, echoed through my ears like an oncoming storm.

‘He’ll need a new heart’ the doctor had said. ‘He won’t make it much longer’ My mother said. Then my brother had to add on to it with his ‘I know this is hard for you Alex... but if a heart doesn’t become available soon… he’s not gonna make it much longer... So get your coffee fast, alright? I think he wants to say his last words to us soon. Maybe you getting coffee will give him more time to compose them’ Oh but the worst part was the whisper in the wind, my fate in the air. ‘You’ll be the villain unknown today, feared tomorrow, revered not, inducer of sorrow.’

I had became trapped in those thoughts, until I heard a doctor speaking to an older woman. She looked like she made a moderate amount of money, and by her tone, was a very humble person.

“In a few days, if your son reacts well to the medicine, he should lead a long healthy life.” he said.

I smirked as I heard the alternative. If he reacted badly, or there was too much of the drug  in his system, his lungs would seize, leaving him unable to breathe. That was just what I’d been looking for. An easy accident with someone who would donate should they die. This could be it, this could save my father! I couldn’t help but feel strange, that there was no guilt. I was exchanging one life for another. That doesn’t matter, because my dad means so much more. Once everyone had cleared away from from the door, I walked into the man’s room, and checked his clipboard. His name is Jack... ok, now that, that hurt.

I couldn’t help but think of my brother. I remember, when he heard his fate in the air, he was walking in the forest, and he’d ran home, proclaiming he was destined to be a hero. I couldn’t think of that right now. This was for my father, I had to do it. He was sleeping and looked worse for wear. I swiftly increased his dosage then left the room. My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest, I mean, I just sent a man to his death. A mere ten minutes later, the man was dead.

A thrill shot through me. My dad would live! I ran back to my father’s room, wiping my smile off of my face. I took a deep breath so I could pretend to be sad. With loud, slow steps I sauntered in the room, hearing everyone smiling and laughing, I lifted my head. My brother embraced me in a hug. “Cheer up, sis! They found someone! Dad’s about to go into prep!” Jack said with a huge smile.

“Wait.. what? When did a heart become available?” I ask, feeling worried. My eyes widened when I heard the answer. Twenty minutes ago. I killed that man only ten. Another Doctor ran in, a mixture of anger, fear, sadness, and sorrow in his eyes.

“A man just died, but he was only a partial match. It might buy us some time...” The second Doctor  was cut off by the first.

“I’m terribly sorry you lost a patient, however, we do have a match.” Doctor Knetzer had said.

I couldn’t believe it. I’d just killed a man for absolutely nothing. When I look outside the white hospital room I see the mother of Jack, as she’s told her son is dead. She falls to her knees in sorrow. I should feel bad... But I feel nothing. It hits me. Sorrow. I had caused sorrow. I feel nothing. The whispers in the air circled my mind.

‘You’ll be the villain. Unknown today, feared tomorrow, revered not, inducer of sorrow.’


Faith Kincaid

Faith is a 14 year old, Middle School student from Southern Illinois. She has a passion for fiction writing and is currently developing her own series of children’s books. She is also an artist, Anglophile, and devoted fan of Doctor Who and BBCs Sherlock. Her favorite things are steak, coffee, and her dog, Lady.

Faith's story was awarded 3rd place in the July '17 #writer jam. The unique way the author used "air" as a means of communication was an underlying theme to this tense story set in a hospital, with a powerful ending. Go, Faith, go!

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