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I know how it feels to be the mom of a child who hates writing.

I've talked to many of you, too, and I hear your struggles.


My child just hates to write.
I just wish my son would work a bit harder on his stories, add more details, realize what he puts down on paper isn’t in cement.
He has the wildest imagination and comes up with detailed lavish ideas, but he never writes any of them down!
She loves to write stories but is very shy when asked to share them. She’ll only let me read them, even then, she makes me pratically beg!

Which Writer are you raising?

The Rapid Writer:  is talented to the point where they don't feel they need to try and just rush through: one and done. They need to learn the benefits of revision

The Reluctant Writer: sees writing as a punishment: it is hard, boring and pointless. They need to learn that writing can be fun, expressive and powerful

The Restless Writer:  desires to write and is full of determination, yet they are plagued by doubt that sabotages their progress. They need to learn confidence

The Reflective Writer: is a   deeply introspective and creative dreamer, who never writes a word. They need to learn how rewarding it is to share their ideas

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The Workshops:

Since 2007, I've been teaching young writers through fun, supportive and unconventional writing workshops. I've watched these writers grow: My Reluctant Writing students found a love for words and a pride in their new skills. My Rapid Writing students learned the challenge and reward of revision. My Reflective Writing students found the discipline and benefit of putting their words to paper. And my Restless Writers found their inner voice and the courage to share their work. Sounds impossible?

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The Blog:

Fresh posts weekly: tested & proven writing exercises, unique games, fun lessons, my favorite tools & resources and before & after stories of the young writers I helped grow. (See the latest #writerjam winners' stories published here!)

Each post includes actions you can take to inspire and challenge your young writer. Plus! Contests to enter and publishing opportunities!

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